Mysportsring Collections products are all produced in original form and style, it does not represent any exact copies, therefore it does not violate any copyright laws as our designs/products are widely displayed in all worldwide website and in the competitor’s websites.

Mysportsring Collections assumes the customer has the permission for any trademarked, service marked or copyrighted designs or logos that are asked to be reproduced.

Mysportsring Collections bears no responsibility for any legal infringements or disputes.


Artworks are digital layout to present your product design.

There may be visual and physical differences between the digital layout and the actual finished metal product/s.


To all our valued customers,

There are times when prices on the website are found to be incorrect.

Incorrect prices may be caused by a computer glitch, corrupt file or various other reasons.

While the chance of this happening is very unusual, Mysportsring Collections does maintain the right to correct a price once a purchase has been made if the selling price is found to be incorrect.

Such a price change will never be done without notification to the customer making the purchase.

Mysportsring Collections retains the right to review and change all pricing once an order has been made by a customer, if that selling price is found to be incorrect.

Legal Notice: "mySPORTSring Collections" bears no responsibility for any legal COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. We assume that all buyers has the permission to use and make any creative designs with regards to their chosen products. **NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED** All Rights Reserved